Mallika Sherawat New Spicy Photos

Mallika Sherawat is a well known Indian actress and a model. Originally known as Reema Lamba, she was born in the region of Karnal in the state of Haryana in India. She hails from a ‘jat’ family that is based in the countryside. Her birth date is October 24 in the year 1981. She studied in a Hindi medium school.

Her public openness as well as her bold attitude has often made her the cynosure of the media and also won her a huge fan following. It goes that before making her entry into the world of films, she worked as a part time air hostess. It is around this point of time that she fell in love and got married to a Jet Airways pilot named Karan Singh Gill. But unfortunately, the marital bliss did not last long and the duo got legally separated after a certain point of time.

Sexy Mallika Sherawat in Action

Video Clip of Mallika Sherawat in Murder Hindi Movie


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